Brand Protection – A Circular Economy Solution by YFC

Brand Protection

Why Do You Need Brand Protection?

Brand protection comes with a necessity in today’s world when international organizations and world leaders are leading the fight against climate change. The effects of climate change can be witnessed every day around the world as greenhouse gas emissions increase day by day. One of the leading causes for this is poor waste management on the industrial scale.

Businesses around the world are working towards producing environmentally friendly products but they are unable to identify the fact that they are sitting on a fortune that is being converted into waste. Commonly, they refer to it as industrial waste, left for the oceans and landfills to take care of. Not only that, the waste thrown into the oceans is polluting the life below water and disrupting the ecosystem on a large scale.

The waste is a fortune because the waste one business produces, can be used as a raw material by another manufacturer for producing relevant end-products. Such a waste becomes an asset for the companies. Now, in 2021, businesses who are not choosing climate-friendly operational means, are being scrutinized on international platforms, leaving them on the compromising end to make the necessary changes. One step involved in making their operations climate-friendly is through enabling brand protection.

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Businesses have started planning out their Brand Protection strategies, however, the problem is that the waste needs to be processed on an industrial level. Only then it can be used as a raw material by another manufacturer. That is where Yes Full Circle comes in with their Brand Protection Solution.

Brand Protection

The current system that is embedded in place within society makes the shape of a chain that has been present for a very long time. Companies produce products/items and they fall into the hands of the consumers via retail. Those products that get deformed during production or don’t sell are thrown away as useless waste. All these branded products then find their way into landfills or other dumping zones and prove to be a crisis for companies to deal with in the future. Not only that but if the deformed products or those items that are deemed unsuitable to be in the market find their way into the hands of the consumers, then it can heavily damage the reputation of the company in question. For major organizations with multiple production operations, there is an average of 5-10 products per day that do not meet standards and get thrown into the rubbish pile.

In case of situations like this, the most beneficial thing for a company to do would be to integrate safe destruction and recycling into their operations. With safe destruction, the deformed products can safely be taken from the source, destroyed beyond brand recognition, and even recycled to create new raw materials saving the company money on both fronts. Such a system is a good fallback for companies who rely on heavy production operations in their daily routine. The relief of knowing that all damaged/deformed products are securely destroyed and will not be a liability to the company can be a major boost for any team.

In case, the company needs to throw the waste away in landfills or dumping zones, that problem can be solved as well with an added benefit to the brand. Businesses that are struggling to maximize the potential of their waste can rely on customized recycling solutions such as Brand Protection by YFC. It is a circular economy solution that is essentially developed to provide brand protection. With such a service, your business will be able to divert its focus towards its primary operations and let YFC manage their waste for them.

We enable brands to dispose of their waste without having them go through an expensive cleanup campaign or invest a huge chunk of their finances into disposing and transferring of their waste.  We will provide a storage facility for you to store your waste from where we can collect it and transfer it to our relevant warehouse. The recyclable goods are taken to the YFC’s recycling plant and the unrecyclable goods are transported to the municipalities for further conversion.

This module is protecting the environment and reducing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions as most of the waste that is left at the landfills will be recycled. Bringing the circular economy framework to life.  

The Need For Circular Economy Solutions

We are facing a climate crisis at the global level. From the past few decades, the obvious signs of global warming are growing by the day. Every season, we are facing extreme weather conditions in all parts of the world. Soon the world is going to have much more to deal with if businesses do not adapt to a more sustainable means of operations.

Currently, we are facing intense drought, storms, heatwaves, rising sea levels, melting glaciers, and warming oceans. Which is directly harming animals, their habitats, and wreaking havoc upon people’s livelihoods and communities. As climate change impacts worsen, dangerous weather events are becoming more frequent and severe such as the wildfires in California, Amazon, and Australia has been raging more than they usually do for the past couple of years.

All of this is a years’ worth of negligence while burning fossil fuels, cutting down rainforests, and farming livestock. All this has resulted in the addition of enormous amounts of greenhouse gases to those naturally occurring in the atmosphere, increasing the greenhouse effect and global warming.

That is why it is the need of the hour now to encourage different industries around the world to adopt a circular economy framework. To adopt the framework, every business and individual will have to start taking steps towards a more sustainable operational method. Cutting down on waste production will lead to a massive cut down in greenhouse gas emissions. Eventually, we will be able to stop the production of waste for good, hopefully achieving a zero-waste lifestyle.


Circular economy solutions are being adopted around the world, especially where the impact of climate change is felt first-hand. Brand Protection is one of such solutions that is going to create a counter impact to fight climate change while also protecting the brand by enabling intelligent management of the waste production by businesses. If they leave their waste unmanaged, it can lead to negative branding as their waste will become a part of the factors causing climate change. To protect themselves from negative branding, businesses have started managing their waste through circular economy solutions.

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