White-Labelled CSR Solutions

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Environmentally Conscious

We help businesses jump start their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program

Nowadays, many companies have a solid focus on their Corporate Social Responsibility to make sure that their contribution to the environment goes beyond the CSR manual. Many companies need to demonstrate their commitment to the environment but it is difficult to build cost-effective campaign infrastructure to track and calculate outcomes.

Don’t worry, YES uses its established drop-off and pick-up locations infrastructure to foster awareness of your company’s dedication to the environment. Our multimedia and monitoring tools will help you prove your next campaign’s ROI.

YES White-labelled CSR Marketing Campaigns

Environmentally Conscious

Customized programs to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

We collect and recycle the products your customers buy from you.

YES places funded “drop boxes” at locations like supermarkets, malls, and gas stations.

School campaigns, two days in a year when you “white label” a drop off day for the community.

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