What is Secure Product Destruction and Recycling with Zero Landfill Policy?

Secure Product Destruction and Recycling with Zero Landfill Policy offers complete recycling services and solutions to businesses in U.A.E. We offer industry-specific services for companies’ waste management, which helps them in conducting their sustainability practices effectively.

How to book an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment with us by filling out the form on our website or call us on our number ( 009714 346 6185).

In which cities do you offer services?

We serve all major cities in the UAE, including Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. We will soon extend our services in other areas. Stay tuned!

What does Secure Product Destruction and Recycling with Zero Landfill Policy do?

Secure Product Destruction and Recycling with Zero Landfill Policy is UAE’s leading provider of recycling services that best suit commercial and industrial needs and keeps them in balance with the environment. Services include specialized waste, plastic, glass, metal, mobile phone, textile recycling, and secure data destruction.

Who are Secure Product Destruction and Recycling with Zero Landfill Policy main customers?

Any business or government organization that wishes to ensure secure and environmentally friendly recycling.

How quickly can you collect my material?

Where possible within the working day itself .

What materials do you recycle?

Examples include finished goods, consumer goods, industrial goods, seized items, proprietary items, confidential storage, returns, product recalls, counterfeit items, excess stock, unsaleable material, expired material, production rejects, display material, marketing materials, etc.

Does Secure Product Destruction and Recycling with Zero Landfill Policy provide any proof of waste recycling and destruction?

Secure Product Destruction and Recycling with Zero Landfill Policy proudly gives legitimate and verified green certificates to clients within two weeks after the recycling process completes.

Does Secure Product Destruction and Recycling with Zero Landfill Policy comply with federal rules and regulations?

Secure Product Destruction and Recycling with Zero Landfill Policy and YES Full Circle operate in compliance with the regulatory rules and requirements of the country they operate in.

How can I ensure that company’s data destruction services are safe?

Secure Product Destruction and Recycling with Zero Landfill Policy follows the standards and regulations set by the UAE government, and a three-tier secure process to ensure full protection against data breaches. Also, we provide evidence that meets our customer’s IT/ISO audit needs.

Why should I recycle my business waste?

There are several perks of recycling for corporations such as environmental benefits, improving business image, reducing waste costs, saving energy, and fulfilling corporate social responsibility.

What is FC Tech?

FCC refers to Full Circle. It represents the flow of material from point of collection to conversion to final reuse back as a resource in a circular economy. FC Tech is the technology platform developed to support this.

What is FCC?

FCC is Full Circle Coin. FCC represents the development of an eco system where the various stakeholders participate and earn from the various value enhancing activities occurring during the recycling process. It also combines a social income distribution element within it.

Why FCC ?

We wanted to build flexibility within the tech platform. To do this, we had to prepare for numerous types of materials that could be recycled currently, as well as future materials. On a practical basis, we also were aware that some materials were not commercially attractive for recycling but by combining collection with other material, we could implement dollar averaging resulting in a more wholistic recycling collection eco system.

What else can FC Tech do?

We can digitize any environmental solution you may require. We are always on the look out to work with partners with innovative tech platform environmental solutions.

Is FCC done in house by YFC?

Because the practioner team at YFC is well experienced, YFC is involved , where required, in platform development and rollout. However the actual tech work is done by a separate company based out of Singapore called Global Green Tech Solutions that maintains its transactions separately and at arms length from YFC to ensure it’s independence and ability to work with other companies.

What is End waste now?

End waste now is YFC program to help communities , businesses, organizations and governments achieve zero waste.

What solution we provide?

Ans- We provide different types of equipment and other solutions to minimise waste generation rates. Where waste has to be generated, we work to turn it into a resource that can support the development of a circular economy .

What is benefit for businesses , organizations and governments for them to adopt this solution?

Businesses, organizations and governments save money. Waste is avoided dumped to landfills / dumpsite causing long term environmental harm, Enhancement of brand reputation

What is the benefit for gated communities and townships in adopting these solutions?

Society can save money on managing waste and also recover resource which will have monetary value which will cross subsidize other expenditure. They can also brand their premise as zero waste premise and earn reputation of environment champion.

Do YFC provide sewage waste water solutions?

Yes. YFC provides sewage waste water patented solutions which drastically reduces waste water treatment and reuse cost.

Do YFC provide solutions to municipality?

YFC provide consulting and other waste reduction and minimization solutions to Municipality and help them to implement decentralized waste management practices in the city.

What is Green Secure?

It is a platform designed for producers to track recycling activity from point of collection to destruction  /demanufacturing to recycling to end use

How does it work?

Producers initiate the process and monitor and track real time is what is happening. It enables audit checks and prevents greenwashing.

Is it is a global platform?

Yes. Producers can use the same platform for monitor recyclers across the various operations in various countries. It is secure and safe , with the producer deciding view levels at country, district ,region or global levels.

Can it minimize product leakages?

Items sent for recycling will have their bar codes saved on a common producer database and available for cross checking across international databases in the event of product leakage.

What is EPR?

Extended Producer Responsibility(EPR) is where manufacturers, producer, brand owner, and importers of products are responsible for the environmental impacts of their products throughout the product life-cycle. The most common mechanism is a collect back mechanism whereby items are collected back and sent for recycling to support a circular economy.

Why EPR is important for business organizations?

Ans-It is important both a brand and regulatory perspective. In some countries, regulations are in place to ensure producers comply with EPR responsibilities. Failure to comply could lead to penalties etc. In India for example, all related manufacturers have to comply with the new plastic waste management rules 2016. The regulation requires almost all companies with a plastics footprint to put into place a collection mechanism to ensure that amount of plastics collected is similar to the amount generated – resulting in a net zero impact to the environment. In 2020, the collection requirement is 50% and in 2020, it is 100%.

What benefits business will get partnering with Yesfullcircle?

Ans- We have created large network of  recycling collection partners across cities who collect recyclables (eg plastics) from various generators such as householder, businesses etc.  The network is based on digital ERP platform , thereby enabling the various stakeholders to become part of a sustainable eco system supporting transparent, traceable, socially fair circular economy recycling. The platform also serves as a take back eco system and a reverse logistics platform where needed.

Will my business be able to trace from material from collection to final use ?

Business organizations will be able to trace recycling material from point of collection to en use using our unique platform.

How brand organization will incentivize consumers?

The FCC tech platform enables positive and sustainable engagement to encourage recycling at source. The traceability element enables tracking and through this FCC enables the various stakeholders to benefit on a common recycling mechanism. The FCC enables and encourages long term relationship development compared to a transactional , short term relationship. This long term relationship is the foundation for a sustainable recycling eco system.

How brand organization be able to file their EPR return?

Yesfullcircle FCC tech platform will generate your evidenced based EPR report which can be filed to CPCB to comply your legal requirement.

Do we carry consumer awareness?

Yesfullcircle conducts consumer awareness programs in schools, gated community and all the commercial places through innovative engagement, to encourage recycling and stakeholder active engagement. We also carry out our awareness program through our digital platform.

What is PRO?

PRO is Producer responsibility organization. It assists Producers organization, brand owners and importers of products members in fulfilling EPR compliance requirements by providing reliable, clear, and decisive solutions.

Is Yesfullcircle (YFC) PRO organization?

Yesfullcircle is a PRO and more. We are an integrated innovative circular economy solutions provider. YFC is also a digital PRO organizations.

What makes Yes Full Circle unique?

We comprise of a team  practioners with decades of experience in international waste and recycling, technology, blockchain and supply chain. We have the experience and knowledge to plan and deliver programs effectively across challenging environments.YFC has created a network of PRO franchizing across cities who are engaged in pulling back plastic waste across India and  created a network of recyclers who desire good quality plastic waste that can be used as raw material.

I am interested in being a YFC PRO Franchisee, how can I join?

The first thing we look for is passionate teams who wish to make a positive difference.There is money to be made as a franchisee, but if that is your main motivation, we are not for you. We believe strongly that profits have to be earned in a socially responsible manner. Once you pass our selection process, we will assist you by providing coaching , guidance, technical knowledge training, equipment and collection points set up, marketing , securing EPR contracts etc, to help you succeed. All franchisee are expected to sign and commit to the YFC honor code of equal opportunity , fairness to all , and to adhere to socially responsible and environmentally friendly recycling practices.