End Waste Now

What does End Waste Now do?

EWN works with both private and public sector organizations to:

  1. Implement waste reduction strategies
  2. Implement circular economy solutions to maximize the use of waste as a resource back into the circular economy

This is done through consulting, project management, and providing innovative technological solutions.

What is End Waste Now?

End Waste Now is a division of YES Full Circle.

We believe in reducing waste generations rates, and where waste has to be produced, to convert into a useful resource for a circular economy.

What are the benefits of implementing End Waste Now Program?

  • Waste reduction translates into reduced costs for organizations and municipalities.
  • These reduced costs can be translated into better profit margins and/or additional funds released for other government programs.
  • Positive community and brand image for stakeholders who participate.
  • Helps to promote acceptance of waste as being a resource that can be reused.
  • This is done by understanding how to modify the waste generation process so the outputs can be used as inputs in a circular economy, compared to the current linear model.

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