Full Circle Technology

What is FC Tech?

FC Tech refers to Full Circle Technology. FC Tech incorporates a circular economy and waste management practices to move towards a wasteless world. It offers an all-inclusive software service that focuses on achieving environmental and sustainability goals while decreasing consumptions and reducing operational costs. We are bringing transparency and traceability in the waste management processes with real-time data.

What Does FC Tech Do?

It uses technology such as Full Circle Coin to support and enhance a recycling ecosystem within a community.

We provide a holistic approach towards recycling, i.e., our participants collect all items (including plastics) and divert them to some form of production of materials to support circular economy manufacturing.

What is Full Circle Coin?

Full Circle Coin increases visibility and transparency about the lifecycle of waste from Household to Manufacturer. We use blockchain to track each transaction while continuously updating on the amount of each type of waste, who collected it, and how it was recycled. Full Circle Coin facilitates in closing the loop between waste and production by pioneering a Coin that will be used to trade within the ecosystem and in return help bring the traceability to ecosystem.

Benefits of FC Tech

Wealth Distribution
Wealth Distribution

Enabling the distribution of wealth among weaker participants in the recycling ecosystem.

Recycling Culture
Recycling Culture

Enabling the development, tracking, and enhancement of recycling habits until it becomes an integral way of life for all stakeholders within the platform ecosystem.

Community Engagement
Community Engagement

To build a community of residents who actively participate within a circular economy ecosystem.

Diverting Waste from Landfills
Diverting Waste from Landfills

FC Tech is the first step towards transforming every city’s disposal-driven waste sector to one of recycling and composting. This will divert at least 90% of collected waste from disposal sites to recycling practices by giving trash a value.


Enabling traceability of recycling materials from collection to final use.

Higher Earnings
Higher Earnings

Through FC Tech, we secure the best rates and enable a dividend payment to you via Full Circle Coin at the end of the material recovery process.

Who Is It For?

Key Features of FC Tech

Convenient Pick Up

Request recyclable trash pick up from your home with one click, through our mobile app.

Easy Access to Work

Digital assignment of waste  recyclable pick up orders with real-time accountability to make waste collection easier and favorable.

Good and Stable Quality

You will have an ecosystem of recyclable generators who can provide stable and good quality material for your facility.

Minimize Operational Costs

There is a misconception that sustainable waste management comes with a financial cost. However, using recovered raw materials for packaging, etc. can lower product manufacturing costs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We assure the quality of recycled raw materials from suppliers, and thus help you to adopt practices to fulfill your CSR.

Shop With Ease

Use your coins to pay for home products at the FCC store, an online e-commerce store,  within seconds.

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