Extended Producer Responsibility /Producer Responsibility Organizations

What is EPR/PRO?

In certain government jurisdictions, producers must comply with EPR requirements for items. This is to promote proper recycling and extensive sustainable recycling for certain materials. Producer organizations must file EPR returns annually. An EPR return for waste is just like ITR or Income Tax Return. As a producer, they must file an account of waste managed by them or their PROs throughout the previous year so that the Govt knows that you are fulfilling your obligation towards environmental sustainability goals.

What does YFC EPR/PRO do?

We support producers by taking over the delivery and implementation and reporting obligations under the EPR/ PRO scheme. We use a proprietary system to ensure information is accurate, together with traceable impact on EPR/PRO implementation to ensure there is no “greenwashing”.

What are the benefits of YFC EPR/PRO?

Innovative And Sustainable Solutions
Benefit from a team that has extensive experience in recycling / take-back programs at local/ national and international levels.
Recycling Services
Trace collection as it goes from source to authorized recyclers.
Waste Management Recycling Technology
Wealth sharing Tech platform with PRO/Collectors/Consumers from producers to achieve efficient EPR compliance of Producers organization.
Innovative And Sustainable Solutions
Targeted take-back programs.
Environmentally Conscious
Connect with consumers digitally in brand sponsored take-back program.
Independently audited with full traceability to ensure genuine implementation of EPR, thereby ensuring brand protection for producers.

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