Recycling for a better future

We are all aware of the harmful effects of improper waste management. In fact, everyone is sort of aware and there have been plenty of campaigns promoted by International Welfare Organizations that have been met with a lot of support. That support has led multiple cleanliness drives and setups for cleaning the waste but that is only half the story. The real challenge is not getting rid of the waste. It’s how we can utilize that waste for the better of the planet.

It Reduces the use of Natural Resources

If we were to recycle the materials such as Metal, plastic etc put into waste, we would reduce the need to make more of the same material. It takes a lot less energy, petroleum and water to recycle those materials rather than creating them. If all organizations make this their priority, we can envision less stress on natural resources. This reduction can help reduce high levels of carbon dioxide in the environment.

It Reduces Landfill Space:

Waste thrown into landfills takes a long time to decompose. Plastic can take up to several decades to fully break down. Just as an example, Recycling one ton of plastic can free up over seven cubic yards of Landfill space. This space can be used for biodegradable waste which is less harmful.

It can save animals:

We have seen those campaigns in which marine life has been endangered by plastics dumped in the oceans. Not only oceans but birds and other wildlife have also been adversely affected by these waste materials. Recycling will not only protect the wildlife but will also keep waste away from their natural habitats.


The United Nations have defined 17 goals that are to be met by the year 2030 that are being heralded as the UN SDG’s. The main purpose of those goals is to move everyone towards sustainable development. Recycling waste has its own major potential that can be fulfilled and converted into a huge asset towards achieving these goals and making our planet more sustainable focused. Not only will it help the community on a grand scale, recycling waste will transform the entire world into the beautiful place it once was.