Our Solutions are achieving the Global UNSDGs

Global UNSDGs

It’s always tough to talk about problems and even tougher to talk about solving them. In this day and age, Mankind has evolved a lot from its early status into becoming self-aware of the problems and has even found ways to overcome them. With continuous development and advancement in technology, we humans have conquered every issue we have ever faced. There is a product for every need, an item for every situation, and these days, an app for every idea but has there been no consequence? Unfortunately, the answer is a depressing one. Even though we have accomplished a lot, we have done it at a cost. That cost being, damaging the world we live in.

You would have probably heard of major world issues such as Climate Change, Pollution, and Loss of Biodiversity which are very common nowadays. The reason being that even though we are advancing in developing our countries, we have neglected mother nature and have taken it for granted. Using up the resources, we have left the waste product unattended and that has begun to take its toll on us now. ‘Improper Waste Management’ as it has been termed causes a lot of harmful effects, not only to our environment but also to the animal, marine, and human life.

The UNSDG’s:

The Global Goals or the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations are objectives that are interlinked with each other to achieve a much better future through sustainability for all. There are 17 broad goals in total, each having 8-12 targets with 4 indicators to measure the progress of each goal. There has been a lot of work towards the fulfillment of the UNSDG’s and many governments and organizations are working towards the completion of the goals. The main concern of the United Nations when devising these goals was the concept of “No one getting left behind”. Alongside making the world a better place, the UNSDG’s can be taken as a blueprint to achieve a more sustainable future for all by 2030 which coincidentally is its mission statement as well. These goals are the closest we can plan towards solving those issues mentioned above. It will not be a complete reset but it will help a lot. Most of the goals can be achieved by effective planning, utilizing the latest technology, and collaboration of related stakeholders. These goals were devised in 2015 and set for completion by 2030 and we are proud to announce that we have already started working towards achieving certain UNSDG goals.

Goal #6 – Clean Water and Sanitation:

We all know the devastating effects caused by unclean water especially to the health of those living in the lesser developed areas. Waste finds its way into water bodies and the same water bodies are sources for those humans to drink from. We must understand that clean water is not available for everyone since not everyone can afford filtered water but what we can do is make an effort in cleaning the water that goes into those areas. Many companies have devised machines and filters capable of cleaning all bacteria and other substances from water but that is not solving the whole issue. To get rid of the problem at the source, we must eradicate pollution at the start which is present because of improper waste management. Y.E.S Full Circle ensures that factories and industries properly recycle their waste which will lead to a major reduction in illegal dumping, hence decreasing water pollution. With everyone following the circular economy practice of reusing their waste instead of dumping it in water, we might be able to make this change and clean water throughout the world.

Goal #11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities:

We have grown comfortable with the practice of dumping waste out of our homes into landfills and then forgetting all about it. Designating spaces for waste to be thrown into cannot be a sustainable solution as the waste will continue to accumulate and ultimately cause more harm than good. To solve this problem, we must integrate solutions into our lifestyles that guarantee that waste is recycled rather than dumped. YFC has already envisioned and set in motion multiple procedures that will cater to this problem. Making sure that the waste goes from the offices/homes towards recycling plants and is efficiently used will not only make for a sustainable living environment but will continue to pave the way for developing sustainable cities and communities.

Goal #12 – Responsible Consumption and Production:

Perhaps the biggest challenge we are facing is our production and consumption. Habitually, all humans consume and this has been going on for a long time. To sustain this need for ever-growing consumption, production has increased as well and to devastating effect. With all the extra products that do not make it off the shelves, they are thrown away as waste finding their way into landfills causing a harmful backlash. Y.E.S Full Circle through its innovative solutions has found a way to normalize this issue. Items that do not get sold, or are deformed can be effectively recycled to create new items. Not only will that reduce the need for new raw materials for production but would also reduce stress on the environment.

Want to know more about this amazing solution? Check out Secure Product Destruction And Recycling With Zero Landfill Policy.

Goal #13 – Climate Action:

Earth’s climate has changed dramatically many times ever since it was formed 4.5 billion years ago. Global sea levels have risen more than 3.2 millimeters and the increasing temperatures are affecting wildlife and their habitats. The leading cause of this climate change is of course human activities. The release of greenhouse gases caused primarily by the burning of waste materials is one of the biggest contributors to global warming and it has only increased in recent years. That is why the United Nations and all its partners have given it such a high priority to ensure that the adverse effects do not continue. We agree that this has to be dealt with now while it is still possible rather than waiting for it to get worse. Reducing waste and changing the way we think about recycling will go a long way in making this goal a reality. We at YFC are advocating for a better future where the environment is safer for everyone and our aim is to complete the Climate Action plan.

Goal #14 – Life Below Water:

Due to poor waste management, the oceans are flooded with industrial waste as well as post-consumer waste materials. The life below water has been compromised at an alarming level which is causing a major impact on the marine ecosystem. In the past couple of years, injured marine animals are washing up on the shores with plastic waste stuck to their gills, choking them to death. Meanwhile, scientists have found minute plastic pieces from the bodies of aquatic animals. These are just a few cases that have emerged before us, otherwise, there must be countless compromised marine life that we do not know about. It is up to us to protect the life below water and it is only going to be possible when we start managing our waste rather than perceiving the ocean as our waste disposal pit. Plastic Recycling is an easy and convenient solution with immense rewards. Remember, we are not getting rid of our waste if we carelessly throw it away, that waste is going to come back to haunt us as global warming. We at YFC make sure to manage industrial waste as well as post-consumer waste materials with our circular economy solutions, thus protecting the life below water. Get in touch with us to know more about ‘plastics recycling’ and more

Goal #17 – Partnership for the Goals:

There is one thing that we can say for certain and this is something that the United Nations and its member states have noted as well. These goals are not something that can be completed in a short period of time or by one entity. This is precisely the reason why the target has been set at 2030 and multiple governments and organizations have been called out to do their part. The ideas are already there and there are many establishments that have begun to proceed with ongoing operations to cater to the goals. We at YES Full circle are completely committed to being a part of the change and have spent many years identifying solutions to overcome one of the biggest challenges standing in our way towards achieving the SDGs, namely ‘Improper waste management’. The goals themselves are interlinked and finding a solution to achieve one goal will directly or indirectly lead to the completion of them all. Collaboration is key and time is essential towards achieving these targets.


There is no doubt that we will face a lot of challenges in our way to complete these goals, but we must keep in mind that we have come a long way from the starting point and that consistency is the key to success. YFC fully believes that its Circular Economy Solutions and Waste Management Solutions can bring a major impact towards achieving the UNSDG’s. If you share our vision, go ahead and drop us a text so we can reach out and brainstorm more ways to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals. All that is remaining is to put these plans into action towards making the world a better and more sustainable place for all.