Tips To Recycle Your Cosmetics & Beauty Products

Cosmetic Recycling Trends

120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry. Of these, very few plastic waste items generated in the bathroom are accepted by most public kerbside recycling programmes. Most common beauty products and packaging contribute to the world’s growing plastic waste problem and, without adequate recovery solutions, are tracked for landfills, burned, buried, or simply littered where waste management is insufficient. Many plastic waste items find their way into oceans and waterways, compounding the problem with environmental hazards.”

The Sustainable Beauty Coalition has always championed cleaning up beauty’s packaging act. On the topic, Jayn Sterland, Chair of the organisation, says, “I do strongly believe that this needs to be a two way street, a partnership between brand and consumer to jointly do the right thing by the planet. As consumers, we need to make sure we discard products in a way that doesn’t add to the current environmental problem.”


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