The YFC Take on Circular Economy

In this fast-moving world, there are a lot of things to consider for the average business. One of the more important things to think about is the implications of the business on the environment. Think of big brands such as Coca Cola and Pepsi who received such major backlash when their plastic bottles started showing up in the oceans and suddenly, the popularity of these brands dropped so fast that they had to change their whole manufacturing strategy. Even though some companies are now taking care to not be the cause of harming the environment, most businesses still do not know how to implement proper waste management. For these businesses, Y.E.S Full Circle Solutions has come up with the best solution to solve this issue using the concept of Circular Economy.

What is Circular Economy:

To know what circular economy is, we have to take a step back and first learn what linear economy is. In most organizations and manufacturing plants, the process of linear economy is followed in production. This process has the following steps; Raw material are collected, transformed into products, used or sold and finally discarded as waste.

Circular economy Solution however on the other hand can be classified as an Economic System aimed at eliminating waste instead of just dumping it at the end of its lifecycle. Instead of getting rid of waste at the end, Circular Economy takes that waste and reuses it to make new products through recycling. So instead of getting waste at the end, Circular economy will work towards ending waste!

Importance of Circular Economy:

The biggest problem that Circular Economy would solve is to reduce stress on the environment. It is no secret that pollution is a huge issue in the United Arab Emirates and without proper waste management in the UAE, things are only going to get worse. Implementing this structure in organizations will definitely bring about a substantial change. So much so that almost every single company is looking into this concept. Besides eliminating waste, Circular Economy can reduce stress on raw materials, boost economic growth and bring about sustainability.