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Brand Protection

Everyone knows the importance of a good brand image. To put it simply, if the company has a good brand image, customers will feel comfortable about doing business with that company resulting in more cash flow and better equity. The better the brand image is, the more chances people are going to view it as the preferred company to interact with. A positive image gives the customers the belief that the company is trustworthy and they can count on it in the future as well. If done well enough, the company might even have a surge of influencers and advocates. Look at Pinterest for example, the company has such a strong brand image that it basically recycles user made content to market itself.

Only a handful of companies can claim to have that perfect positive image. We know that if there was a listing, the companies with negative brand perceptions would outweigh those with positive brand perceptions by a landslide. You might have heard the quote, “It takes only a second to turn a positive image into a negative one but a lifetime to turn it around”. This is entirely true. If a customer decides to eat at a restaurant and loves the food so much that he tries it for the next 12 weeks with the same outcome, we can say that he had a positive image of the brand. But what if on the 13th visit, he got served distasteful food? This would lead to a negative image and chances are, he would never eat there again. That is how powerful human perception can be.

Moving on to the biggest cause of negative brand image in the modern day, it is environmental pollution. One bad review for bad food served to one customer can only take you so far but imagine your company polluted the earth that every single human being lives on. That would be devastating for the brand. Major multinational companies that are amongst the top revenue generators in the world are some of the biggest sources of plastic pollution as well. The majority of customers who see the effect of irresponsible plastic disposal at the hands of these companies show their displeasure by sharing posts online, protesting in front of their offices and worst of all, boycotting their products resulting in losses. In the past, some companies have even considered a redesign after the backlash. Yet this might not be enough. This is where a proper waste management and recycling strategy needs to be implemented.

On the flip side, if these companies had taken care before hand to ensure that their finished products were properly recycled or not directly causing pollution, they might not be in such deep water as they are right now. In this day and age, there are multiple ways companies can protect their image, one of which is to utilize a waste management service. One such example doing wonders in the market is Secure Product Destruction And Recycling With Zero Landfill Policy

What is Secure Product Destruction And Recycling With Zero Landfill Policy?

Secure Product Destruction And Recycling With Zero Landfill Policy is a recycling service operating under the brand name of Y.E.S Full Circle Solutions in the UAE. Using the latest proprietary technology, Secure Product Destruction And Recycling With Zero Landfill Policy ensures full traceability from start to finish to validate the entire recycling process. In simpler terms, companies who want to make sure that all finished goods, consumer goods, industrial goods, seized items, proprietary items, confidential storage, returns, product recalls, counterfeit items, excess stock, unsaleable material, expired material, production rejects, display material, marketing material dont go into landfills and become the next major threat to the environment can be safely and securely recycled (Yes, there are a lot of item types that can cause negative branding). Some other benefits of this service are, that branded items in landfills won’t become the cause of revenue loss, all items will be safely recycled ensuring no defective product goes into the market, and making sure that no extra cost is spent trying to use expensive cleanup or greenwashing campaigns. 

Final Note:

As citizens of the world, each and every person has a duty to protect the environment and take the earth towards sustainability in any way we can. The thing standing in our way is pollution causing all sorts of problems for the environment and we are on the front lines to battle it. The more power we have, the better suited we will be to combat this threat and the ones with the most power right now in the world are the companies. They can really make a big difference and make a positive brand image for themselves just by making sure they recycle properly. According to Forbes, Accenture is leading the charge on recycling its own products effectively. If your company is a friend to the environment, then it is no secret that your company will be a friend to its customers as well. So if you want to protect your company, recycle for the environment and put yourself as a brand who actively partakes in making the world a better place, do check out Secure Product Destruction And Recycling With Zero Landfill Policy. Who knows, you might even become the number one environmentally friendly company through it.