PRO Franchising

After new regulations, Producers organizations are scouting for formal organizations or ecosystem(PROs) and recyclers across the cities who take back  waste mainly product packaging material ,papers, metals after end use of product.


  • Lack of formal take back ecosystem
  • Lack of formal collectors who can take back from consumers after end use products packaging materials post end use by consumers
  • Informal take back players are not connected with producers’ organizations and they can not help producers’ organizations to comply their EPR requirements.
  • Informal players are not having modern collections and processing facilities
  • These players are not mandated and recognized by ULBs and producers’ organizations.
  • They can not get EPR orders form producers as they do not have access to producers’ organizations.
  • They do not have any tech interface so that they connect with consumers and producers and provide value added services like traceability, wealth distribution etc.

YFC P.R.O Offerings

  • Create network of organized collection and processing partners on franchising model across cities.
  • Provide legal PRO agreement
  • Set up Projects i.e 1. Equipment 2. Layout/Vendors
  • Operations -IT, SOPs, WC, INV etc
  • Audit… Compliance, Reporting
  • Get the EPR orders from the brands for PROs
  • Transport -E way bills
  • ULB support- Land, Dry waste, National and state level liasioning
  • Recycler networks -National agreement
  • Waste pickers as vendors
  • Tech platform -Circular coins

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