Brand Protection

What is our Brand Protection Solution?

Brand Protection recycling is a division of YES Full Circle Solutions.

The division provides end of life product/inventory management for commercial, industrial, and government clients.

We use proprietary technology to provide traceability to confirm and validate the entire recycling process from collection to final use.

What Does Brand Protection Do?

Manages items in which brand protection, corporate responsibility, and landfill avoidance are important. Such items could include finished goods, consumer goods, industrial goods, seized items, proprietary items, confidential storage, returns, product recalls, counterfeit items, excess stock, unsaleable material, expired material, production rejects, display material, marketing material, etc.

What are the Benefits of Secure Brand Protection Recycling Services?

Brand Image:

Compliance with environmental responsibility and to support UN SDG’s

Revenue Loss:

Items collected could land up in grey market of companies resulting in revenue and profit loss.


Product recalls or defective products going back into the market could lead to financial liability and reputational loss.

Proprietary Information:

To maintain trade secrets and business confidential information.

Personal Information:

To comply with privacy and data security laws.

Peace of Mind:

Having a peace of mind knowing that items have been recycled in a secure and proper manner.

Quality Assurance:

All services are provided in accordance with municipal, provincial, state, federal, and country regulations that each location Brand Protection operates in. YES Full Circle is ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018 and ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

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