Keys to workplace recycling success

“Think outside the trash… RECYCLE!”

The amount of waste we produce is growing day by day, and our offices play a large part in it!

On an average, the office worker creates 4.40 pounds of waste each day. Coffee cups, Styrofoam, paper products, office equipments and plastics are among the commonly used office items all of which are sent directly to the landfills. The good news is that your company can probably recycle more than you think. It is estimated that 70% of a business’ landfill waste can be recycled, that can help in restoring the environment through implementation of Zero-Waste Model!

And, moving your organization closer to zero-waste can result in cost savings, all while making a positive environmental and social impact! The goal of zero-waste is to reduce overall waste generation and to divert materials whenever possible. The 5 R’s of Zero-Waste are as follows:

  • Refuse what you do not need.
  • Reduce what you do need; reconsider just how much stuff you actually need.
  • Reuse by repurposing stuff, or by using reusable objects like metal straws.
  • Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce or reuse.
  • Rot (compost) the rest

Now you must be thinking is Workplace Recycling a Success? – A Recycling Program can always make it possible:

  • Colour coding: Maintain uniformity in the colour of your recycling containers i.e. blue or green, which is universally recognized for recycling.
  • Signage: Place proper signage with clear messages on all containers for both landfill and recyclables.
  • Reminders: Constant reminders about proper recycling are a must.

Companies everywhere are ramping up efforts to go green, but sustainability starts with your employees. By implementing all of these suggestions, you could see better results in your office.

If any further help is required in improving recycling at your workplace, we YES Full Circle are here to help you manage your office waste more effectively. Our End Waste Now Solution for integrated Waste Management approach makes recycling simple and efficient.

Our aim is to help organisation in achieving the zero waste, we plan to augment the services with the facility of processing the comingled waste through various methods instead of dumping it into the ground. Since the material collected will be processed and recycled back, creating a circular economy loop.

So, let’s not waste the waste in haste and initiate the process to move in a circular system boosting the economic growth and bringing about sustainability which can further enhance company’s brand value.

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